2017 Red Rose Classic Tournament Rules

1. Scheduling Changes

    No requests for schedule changes will be honored once the preliminary tournament schedule is posted. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make schedule changes to accommodate field conditions or no shows. Please review the final schedule on Friday May 5th prior to registration at: www.redroseclassic.com

2. Eligibility

    The Red Rose Classic is an EPYSA and USYSA approved/sanctioned tournament. USYSA member teams from Region 1 except   CT and NJ, DO NOT need to provide permission to travel. Teams from CT, NJ and USYSA Region 2 must provide their state associations properly execute “Permission to Travel Form.” No such permission is required of US Club Soccer member teams.

Participation in the tournament is open to accepted teams consisting of 18 or fewer players meeting the age limit of the specified division. Accepted teams must consist of 18 or fewer players for full sided ages U13 and up and 16 or fewer players for short sided U11 and U12, and 14 or fewer players for short sided U9 and U10.


Players must have been born after: Boys and Girls

       U9 – (January 1, 2008 and Younger)                 U15 – (January 1, 2002 - and Younger)

       U10 – (January 1, 2007- and Younger)              U16 – (January 1, 2001 - and Younger)

       U11 – (January 1, 2006 - and Younger)             U17 – (January 1, 2000 - and Younger)

       U12 – (January 1, 2005 - and Younger)             U18 – (January 1, 1999 - and Younger)

       U13 – (January 1, 2004 - and Younger)              U19 – (January 1, 1998 - and Younger)                       

       U14 – (January 1, 2003 - and Younger)

Each team must be registered with a national soccer association affiliated with the USSF, either USYSA or US Club Soccer, and must possess a state-approved roster, or US Club Soccer roster. Each player and coach must present a valid USSF, State, or National registration card that includes a photograph of the player or coach. Players who do not present valid passes will not play. Any team fielding an ineligible player will be disqualified and its tournament fee forfeited. A player may compete for only one team in the tournament.

All teams are responsible for their own insurance. In case of accident or injury while traveling to or from and during the tournament, the LANCO United Soccer Club and its Executive Board, or any team participating in the tournament, will not be held liable. All teams must provide medical release forms at registration and have them in their possession at the tournament site during matches.

a.     Guest Players and Secondary Players:

1         Team rosters for short sided U9, U10 age groups are limited to a maximum of 12 players, including guests. Team roster for short sided U11 and U12 age groups are limited to a maximum of 16 players including guests. Team’s rosters for Full sided U13 and above age groups are limited to a maximum of 18 players, including guests. Regardless of roster size, a maximum of 14 players for U9, U10 U11 and U12 and 18 players for U13 and above teams can appear on the game line-up sheet and will be allowed to play at the tournament.

2         Five (5) guest players are allowed at all age groups. Roster size shall not exceed the roster limits stated above with guest players.

3         Secondary players will not be considered guest players. They will be considered part of the roster

4         Players with US Club Soccer player cards may not guest for a USYSA team, and players with USYSA player cards may not guest for a US Club Soccer team.

5         Players may compete for only one team in the tournament.

3. Laws of the Game

    All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws, except as modified by these rules.

4. Substitutions

FIFA Laws of the game concerning substitutions will be followed with the referee’s permission:

1         After a goal has been scored

2         Before a goal kick by either team

3         At the beginning of the second half of play

4         At a throw-in by the team in possession

5         At a throw-in by the team without possession if, and only if, the team with possession elects to substitute. (This is  

             done in an effort to minimize the time lost due to substitutions.)

Limited substitutions may be made with the referee’s permission: (exception: see Item #10.1)

1         To replace a cautioned player. Players receiving a red car may not be substituted for.

2         In case of a stoppage of play for an injury on a one-for one basis for the injured player(s). The opposing team may substitute one player for each substituted injured player.

                No substitutions will be permitted on corner kicks or after the game has ended in a tie prior to penalty kicks. (See 12.2)

                All substitutions must enter from mid-field with the permission of the referee. The referee may disallow substations          

                if that request is judged to delay the game.

5. Field and Game Equipment

1         No metal cleats will be worn

2         No jewelry will be allowed

3         Players are required to wear shin guards in accordance with FIFA Laws of the game


4         Players must wear numbers on the back of their uniforms and these numbers shall coincide with those listed on the     

             team’s official roster.

5         Where uniform colors are similar, the designated home team will change colors. Home team is listed first on the  


6         No one will be allowed behind the end line.

7         Players are not allowed to wear hard casts, unless they are prepared in a way to prevent injury to all payers, subject to the referee’s discretion

6. Duration of Game

1         All U13 and up games will consist of two (2) 30 minute halves with a three minute break between halves. U9 U10   

             U11 and U12 games will consist of two (2) 25 minutes halves. There are no overtimes

2         Games may be shortened at the sole discretion of the referee


7. Levels of Play

             Teams will be bracketed in one of three brackets. This will also depend on how many teams apply for each age


            1  Premier

            2  Travel A/Division 1- Travel Competitive

            3Travel B/Division 2 - Less Experienced or New Travel Teams

            4 Recreation Divison - This does not include ANY travel or premier teams. This is strictly for recreational teams


            Team selection will be based on league record and league division, past tournaments records-level of play, and number of  

              teams applying in each age group. Please indicate  on your application your perceived appropriate level of competition (see


              Note: In order to provide the best competition, the Tournament Committee may combine or eliminate age groups and/or   

              move teams up to the next age group.  


8. Games and Score Reporting

1         Both teams will set up on the same side of the field for the game. Parents and fans will stay on the opposite side of

            the field. No exceptions

2         The Field Marshall will ensure the game report cards are properly completed and presented to the referee

             immediately following each game.

3         The Referee will indicate the official score of the game on the card and sign the card. The coach from each team

             must also sign the card. Signing the game card insures that the scores have been recorded correctly.

4         The Referee will record names of players or coaches receiving caution (yellow) or ejection (red) cards and the reason

             for the card on the game report card.

5         Game report cards are returned to the Tournament Headquarters at the end of the day.

9. Failure to Show and Forfeits

1         A team is allowed a 5 minute grace period after scheduled kick-off time to field a team before the match is forfeited.

             A minimum of seven (7) players constitutes a team, and if 7 players are present, the game will not be delayed.

2         In no case shall a team with the next best record shall be named the bracket winner.

3         A forfeit in the preliminary round shall be awarded three (3) points for the win. For tie-breaking purposes, the score

             shall be 1-0.

10. Protests: No protests will be entertained

11. Conduct

1         Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit and the laws of the game.

             Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area. Repeated violations

             may result in a game forfeit or suspension of the team from the tournament as decided by the Tournament  


2         Players, coaches, and team officials ejected from a game by the referee shall in ineligible for the next scheduled


3         In accordance with USYSA Tournament Hosting Agreement, all red and yellow cards and other matters involving

             team conduct will be reported to the home club and state association of the team involved.

4         Alcoholic beverages and other illegal substances are not permitted at game sites or on any parking areas. No


5         Smoking is prohibited at all venues

12. Determination of Bracket and Division Winners

1         The following format will be used to determine bracket winners and advancement to the playoff rounds:

a.        In age division containing two brackets of three teams, or two brackets of four teams, the first place team in each bracket will advance to the final round.

b.        In age divisions containing on bracket of five teams or one bracket of 7 teams, a four game round robin will be played, with NO playoffs. Teams with the two highest point totals will be the champion and finalist.

c.        In age groups containing one four team bracket, teams will play each other once and the teams with the two highest point totals will be the champion and finalist. Alternatively, team will play each other once, and the teams with the two highest point totals will play in the Championship game. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to determine which format will be implemented to meet the schedule requirements.

2         POINT SYSTEM – Each team will be awarded three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw, and zero (0) for a loss. At the end of the preliminary round, the bracket winner will be the team with the most win/tie points. In the event of a tie in a bracket or within an age division, the criteria listed below will be used to determine the winner and placement within the bracket and which teams advance to the finals.

3         TIE-BREAKERS: The following list is the order of priority for breaking ties:

    a. Head-to-Head Competition – In the event of a tie among more than two teams, this criterion will NOT be used.

                 b. Goal Differential - max of +/-4 per game (Team wins 5-0, only gets +4, losing team -4)

                 c. Goals For – With a maximum of four (4) per game

                 d. Goals Against - With a maximum of four (4) per game

                 e. Most Total Shutouts

                f. Fewest Number of Red Cards

                g. Penalty Kicks following FIFA Rules - to be taken 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the final game on a

                     designated field at the final game site. The coach or assistant coach of affected teams must be present at the

                     headquarters at the scheduled final game site 30 minutes prior to the final to determine if PK’s are required.

g. In the event there is a three-way tie (Head to Head is out) steps B-E, the three teams will participate in a three-way coin toss on a designated field at the final game site. The first two teams tied in the coin toss will participate in Penalty Kicks following FIFA Rules. The winner will then participate in Penalty Kicks following FIFA Rules with the third team. The winner of this round will advance to the finals.


13. Finals

1       Winners of each bracket will advance to the finals

2         If a game is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be no overtime and penalty kicks will follow FIFA rules. Penalty kicks taken alternately by each team will determine the winner. If the penalty kick score is tied at the end of five kicks, the teams will continue to take alternating penalty kicks until there is a winner. All players on the field (including the keeper) must kick before any player may kick a second time.


14. Inclement Weather, Other Emergency Situations

The coach will receive safety information at registration. It is the responsibility of the coach to read the information and implement when necessary.

In the event of inclement weather, unsafe field conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances, the Tournament Committee has the authority to change games as follows:

a.        Relocate or reschedule any game (s)

b.        Change the duration of the game

c.        Cancel any game (s)

d.        Cancel the tournament

Games terminated after one half of play because of the weather shall be considered final.

In the event games are cancelled or shortened for any reason, bracket winners will be determined using the point system presented in section 11 of the rules. No awards shall be given unless all teams in a bracket play more than one game


15. Cancelation Policy

In the event games and or the tournament is cancelled, there will be no refund in the following situation:

            If the tournament has been started and some games have been played. Once the tournament has started there are costs that

             occur and have to be accounted for.

            In the event the tournament must be cancelled there will be NO REFUND


In the event the tournament is cancelled before any games have been played. The tournament committee will review everything and determine if a refund will be issued.



16. Darkness

Termination of a game due to darkness shall be at the sole discretion of the referee. The referee’s decision shall be final. Games terminated after one half of play because of darkness shall be considered final.

17. Team Contact Person

At registration, each team must inform the registration personnel of their designated contact person and must provide a cell phone number where that person can be reached at any time during the tournament.

18. General

1         Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Tournament Committee or the Lanco Youth Soccer League be

            responsible for any expenses (including the tournament entry fee) incurred by the team. This includes a situation

            where the tournament or any of its games are cancelled in whole or in part.

2         The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of these rules shall be final

3         The Tournament’s Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.

4         Once your team has been accepted into the tournament, no refunds will be forthcoming