Due to low numbers this year we are cancelling the tournament. If you have applied already you will be credited your money shortly.

Thank you


May 6th – 7th 2017


LANCO Youth Soccer League would like to invite you and your team to join us in Lancaster County Pennsylvania for the Red Rose Classic 2017 We are expecting around 150 teams for this year’s event. We have a fresh new website for this year. For the first time we are offering a small sided Recreational Division for U9 through U12 teams. If you have a recreational team and are looking for a fun way to spend a weekend with you team we are the place to be!

Our tournament is open to US Youth and US Clubs soccer teams from U9 through U19 in Premier, Travel A and Travel B divisions. Games are played throughout the county on both Turf and Grass fields. The quality of our fields have greatly improved this year. We will have fields at the East Petersburg Elementary School Complex as well as Weaver Road Soccer Complex.

Jamie Kuntz

Tournament Director

2017 Red Rose Classic Registration
Age Group:


All entry fees received are deposited immediately and refunded within 4 weeks of your teams non-acceptance. This year we have moved from PayPal to stripe, which is very comparable.

Those teams who have submitted their team registration ONLINE (roster, player passes, and medical release forms) and have received a confirmation email back do not need to register prior to their teams game Saturday Morning. We highly recommend doing your team registration online. THERE IS NO FRIDAY EVENING TEAM REGISTRATION THIS YEAR

We will be accepting online registration this year. We will only accept your teams registration in ONE file (not multiple) This will include your roster, which will be state approved and stamped. Your player passes along with any guest players. It will also include your player medical release forms. Once we approve your online team registration you will receive an email. At any time during the tournament your roster and passes may be checked so please keep them nearby.'

The following items are needed for team registration:

  • 2016/17 Certified State Stamped Team Roster (1 copy)
  • Medical release forms for each player (Do not have to be notarized). Your generic Team/Club medical release are acceptable.
  • 2016/17 Player Passes for each player (Must have players picture)
  • Secondary Players will be accepted as part of your original roster this year
  • Permission to Travel Form (if necessary from your state, please check with your state association)
  • If your state association requires you to provide a permission to travel you need to bring the appropriate paperwork that has been submitted to your state. Please check with your state associations office to see if this is paperwork you will need.


All late applications (Submitted after the Deadline-April 8th) will automatically be put on a waiting list for review. Upon acceptance, the fee is non-refundable. If your team is accepted and later withdraws, the entry fee is non-refundable and sanctions will be placed against your team/club for future participation in Lanco Youth Soccer League and Eastern Pennsylvania events.


Competition will be open to USYS and US Club Soccer "Club" teams in the following age groups and divisions. All players must possess a picture player pass for the 2016-2017 season. A maximum 5 USYSA or US Club Soccer carded guest players are allowed. If you are a registered US Clubs team your guest players must have US Club passes, same goes for if your team is registered as US Youth, your guest players must have US Youth passes. They can't be combined.

U9  –  (January 1 2008 - and Younger)
U10 – (January 1 2007 - and Younger)
U11 – (January 1 2006 - and Younger)
U12 – (January 1 2005 - and Younger)
U13 – (January 1 2004 - and Younger)
U14 – (January 1 2003 - and Younger)
U15 – (January 1 2002 - and Younger)
U16 – (January 1 2001 - and Younger)
U17 – (January 1 2000 - and Younger)
U18 – (January 1 1999 - and Younger)
U19 – (January 1 1998 - and Younger)

U9-U12 teams play 50 Minute Games - (2) 25 Minute Halves       
U13-U19 teams play 60 Minute Games - (2) 30 Minute Halves

  1. U9 through U10 Team rosters are limited to a maximum of 12 players playing in the event (including guest players)
  2. U11 through U12 Team rosters are limited to a maximum of 16 players playing in the event (including guest players)
  3. U13 Through U19 Team rosters are limited to a maximum of 18 players playing in the event (including guest players)
  4. A maximum of (5) guest players are allowed. Secondary players are not considered guests - This is new this year.
  5. A copy of your state stamped and approved or official US Club Soccer roster must be send upon completion of your registration.


Games will be played within Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games. Preliminary games will be played on Saturday and Sunday Morning. All teams have the potential for 8am games both days. The final games will be held Sunday morning and afternoon. Awards will be given to 1st and 2nd place teams.




Credit Cards Only this year

U9-U10 7v7 Recreation - $250

U11-U12 7v7 Recreation -$250

The recreation division is for Recreational teams only, not travel or premier teams that are less competitive.

U9-U10 7v7 Competitive - $575
U11-U12 8v8 Competitive - $625
U13-U19 11v11 Competitive - $685


Teams will be evaluated on their individual team records and placed in the appropriate division of competition. We do our best to make the competition the most ideal for each team. In order to place your team accordingly it is very important that you fill out the registration form and team history out accurately.
Note: In order to provide the best competition, the Tournament Committee may combine or eliminate age groups and/or moves teams up to the next age group.

Travel A
Travel B
Recreation - Not a travel type team. These teams play non competitive games throughout the course of the season.


If you are interested in referring the Red Rose Classic, you must be USSF Registered Referee and in good standing, please contact our Referee Assignor, Darrell Bohannon – email at Djbohannon@comcast.net